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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fargo Realtor: Cindy Sillerud

Red River Home Guide Superagent Profile Cindy Sillerud

Employed By: Mostue's Advantage Real Estate
Hometown: Rothsay MN
Your first job was: Working in a bank
Favorite type of music: Country
Professional training: Real Estate Broker
Your favorite about selling real estate in fargo moorhead?: Meeting a lot of really nice people!
Did you or do you have a real estate mentor?: My friend Karen Mostue!
Favorite restaurant in fargo moorhead?: Applebee's
One thing every homebuyer should keep in mind when searching for a home: I always tell my clients they'll know it's the home they are looking for when they walk in the door, it's just a feeling you get!

Getting started in real estate was just something I decided to do for myself. The opportunity came up very quickly and I just made the decision to go for it. I have made so many good friends through the years. I really enjoy my job!

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